Stocking Stuffer FOOTBALL Mystery Pack - [1 hit/1 pack/ 4 Gold Rookies + Bonuses]

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The RunGood Stocking Stuffer Mystery Pack is BACK! Each NFL Stocking Stuffer will include one featured hit, one sealed pack, four gold press proof rookies, and a 50% chance at receiving a second bonus hit!

Top hits for the football edition include desirable rookies of Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Justin Herbert, and more. Other top hits include autographs and jersey cards of minor stars and up-and-coming rookies, Roughly 25% of the hits in this product are graded by PSA, SGC, or CSG.


Catch the full video overview on Youtube:

Please note: Unlike my other 'chase packs' which include top chase hits with a listed floor and ceiling (best and worst possible packs), the Stocking Stuffer Mystery Pack is not a chase hit. The intention of Stocking Stuffer is to provide all buyers with a solid and fun mystery package with a variety of hits ranging from $5 - $150+, as well as rookie cards and a sealed pack.

Some Stocking Stuffer Packs will be worth several times more than their purchase price, and some will be worth less than their purchase price. All packs are created and sealed prior to the sale of Stocking Stuffer are shipped randomly, meaning we offer no guarantee and have no knowledge of which specific hit or pack you may receive as it is is shipped out.



(PLEASE READ: By purchasing this mystery package you acknowledge that with this product there is no guarantee that you will receive a specific team, player or card featured within the product details, description, or video overview. This is a blind package model style listing.