Trading Card Group Breaks

Group Breaks are live trading card box, pack, and case opening events hosted on . Trading Card Collectors can purchase spots in a break in order to participate with other collectors, and will receive all of the cards from their assigned spot and/or team.

  • All Cards Ship always. Shipping days are typically Tuesdays & Saturday.
  • Domestic Shipping is included in the price of the breaks.
  • International shipping varies by location. Additional shipping fees may incur to remote areas or for heavy packages.
  • Live breaks and replays can be found on and on the RunGood Breaks Channel
  • By buying spots in group breaks you agree to the terms and rules found within each specific listing.  There are no guarantees that you will receive a specific team, player or card. The trading card products featured in this group break are blind package models that is beyond the control of the person running the group break. 
  • You will always receive a package for your order, even if your spot(s) receive little to no cards.
  • **NEW 7/1/23 - Cards from Complete Sets are ineligible for any and all promotions and rewards.
  • **NEW 7/1/23 - Any non-numbered base or insert cards and their non-numbered parallels that feature two players on different teams will automatically be awarded to the Top/Left team for all ODD numbered breaks, and Bottom/Right for all EVEN numbered breaks. All dual player (or more) cards that are serial numbered, autographed, or considered to be a 'case hit' or 'super short print' will be randomized as normal.

Buying Multiple Spots? A $2.50/spot automatic discount will be applied to your order when you check out. 

Full Stream Replays can be found here within 2 hours of stream ending:

Replays of Individual Breaks can be found here within 24-48 hours of the stream ending:

Youtube - Rungood Break Replays


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 Georgia, Indiana , Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, Hawaii, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Other states may be added if certain thresholds are reached. There is no way around this and 100% of taxes collected are remitted to the states above per internet sales tax nexus laws. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email

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