2023 RGL Championship Football Box | (6 Packs + 1 Slabbed Hit)

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The Our newest product is here and it's a fun one! Introducing the 2023 RGL Championship Football Box! Each box comes with six packs (one hobby or H2 pack)  plus one slab or hit. You can catch all the info below along including a link to the video overview of the product:

  • (1) Slab or Hit
  • (1) 2021 or 2022 NFL Hobby or H2 pack
  • (1) 2020 Chronicles NFL Blaster Pack
  • (1) 2021 Optic NFL Megabox Pack
  • (1) 2021 Mosaic NFL Megabox Pack
  • (1) 2021 Prizm NFL Blaster Pack
  • (1) 2021 Contenders Fanatic or Illusions Megabox Pack

1 in every 12 boxes (10% of boxes) will receive a 'chase' hit identified as one of the best hits on the product.
1 box out of the 120 boxes will receive a 2021 Select NFL Cosmic Pack in their box

Catch the full video overview including all 100 slabbed hits on Youtube:


Please note: Unlike my other 'chase packs' which include top chase hits with a listed floor and ceiling (best and worst possible packs), the Championship Box is not intended to be a chase product. The intention of this product is to provide all buyers with a solid and fun box with an average box value of around $75-120 with a small handful of boxes being worth much more than that.

Some Boxes  will be worth double or more than their purchase price, and some will be worth less than their purchase price. All packs are created and sealed prior to the sale of these boxes are shipped randomly, meaning we offer no guarantee and have no knowledge of which specific hit or pack you may receive as it is is shipped out.


(PLEASE READ: By purchasing this product you acknowledge that with this product there is no guarantee that you will receive a specific team, player or card featured within the product details, description, or video overview. This is a blind package model style listing.